Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Luwak Coffee brewing

Hello, iv never had luwak before but im going to order some soon. I've read as much as i can on it but im still not sure about the best way to brew it. what do you recommend as far as measurements an methods? also, any tips you have on buying, where to buy, what to buy, or anything else about it is much appreciated. thankyou for your time.

Buying Kopi Luwak is always going to be an experiment in luck, as much as anything else. This is because unlike other coffees, Kopi Luwak is sold not by origin (or even often type of coffee), but rather as Kopi Luwak as it is. Let me explain this in more detail-

1/. As you know Kopi Luwak is a product that is produced by collecting and cleaning, then roasting coffee that has passed therough the digestive system of the Palm Civet, or Luwak. What most companies do not tell you is where the coffee comes from. Is it Arabica from Aceh, Toraja...or is it Robusta from Central Flores? Why this is important is because while the animal processing of the coffee alters the base flavors of the coffee- there will still be a lot of the 'origin' original cupping qualities evident in what you are drinking.... so a robusta will still be a robusta, and hve the same cornlike tastes no matter whether it has been through the Luwak or not.

2/. The Luwak is, an omnivor. What most coffee roasters do not do, is cup out coffee that is tainted by "gamey" or feral flavors that the beans may have picked up by sitting inside the intestines of the animal up against a digested mouse etc.

So- when selecting Kopi Luwak look for- an origin firstly, a type of coffee secondly. Ideally something like Arabica Kopi Luwak - From (insert origin...eg Central Java). Avoid Robusta. Look for coffee that is lightly roasted. The instinct is of course to go dark/heavy roasts for the obvious reason that a drinker would want all microbes to be burnt away, however this totally defeats the purpose of drinking Kopi Luwak as it will roast away a lot of the flavors.

Brewing- Still the best way to brew any type of coffee is, in my opinion, using either a French Press or an Aero-press. Use your standard measurements that you use for other coffees (obviously this depens on how string yo). Roughly 6.5-8.5gm of coffee per cup for ost user of a press.

Selecting a coffee supplier- There are now literally hundreds of retailers offering Kopi Luwak...some of these are more genuine than others obviously. A well known expert in teh field of Luwak-ology once told me as much as 45% of Kopi Luwak beng sold either was not Kopi Luwak or was a mixture containing almost no KL at all!!! Sadly, there is very little way of being able to tell once the coffee is roasted whether it is the genuine stuff or not.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.